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1941.11.27. CHAMPION JACK DUPREE [4th sassion]

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William Thomas Dupree (19??.07.??.-1992.01.21.)

1941.11.27. Chicago
Champion Jack Dupree (vocal/piano), Jesse Ellery (electric guitar), probably Wilson Swain (string bass)

C-4066-1 ALL ALONE BLUES [OKeh06642, CD;SRCS6707]
C-4067-1 BIG TIME MAMA [OKeh06597, CD;SRCS6707]
C-4068-1 Shady Lane [unissued, CD;SRCS6707]
C-4069-1 Hurry Down Sunshine [unissued, CD;SRCS6707]
C-4070-NG Jackie P. Blues [unissued, CD;SRCS6707]
C-4070-1 Jackie P. Blues [unissued, CD;DOCD5444]
C-4071-1 HEAVY HEART BLUES [OKeh06597, CD;SRCS6707]
C-4072-1 Morning Tea [unissued, CD;SRCS6707]
C-4073-NG BLACK COW BLUES [unissued,, CD;SRCS6707]
C-4073-1 BLACK COW BLUES [OKeh06642, CD;DOCD5444]

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SRCS6707; Sony SRCS 6707 "CHAMPION JACK DUPREE / NEW ORLEANS BARRELHOUSE BOOGIE"[1993.07.01.]f:id:koichi65oba:20180312181403j:plain

DOCD5444; Document DOCD-5444 "V.A. / CHICAGO BLUES VOLUME 2 1939-1944"f:id:koichi65oba:20180312181420j:plain

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