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1941.11.21. ROOSEVELT SYKES (The Honey Dripper) [33rd session]

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ROOSEVELT SYKES (The Honey Dripper)
Roosevelt Sykes (1906.01.31.-1983.07.17.)

1941.11.21. Chicago [his 33rd recording session]
Roosevelt Sykes (vocal/piano), poss.Alfred Elkins (string bass)

C-4054-1 Mellow Queen Swing [unissued, CD;HHO19001]
C-4055-1 Floating Power Blues [unissued, CD;HHO19001]
C-4056-1 Make Up Your Mind [unissued, CD;HHO19001]
C-4057-1 TRAINING CAMP BLUES [OKeh6709, Columbia6709, CD;HHO19001]
C-4058-1 Back Biting Snitchers [unissued, CD;HHO19001]
C-4059-1 You Got To Run Me Down [unissued, CD;HHO19001]
C-4060-1 From The Cradle To The Grave [unissued, CD;HHO19001]
C-4061-1 Motherless Child [unissued, CD;HHO19001]

HHO19001; HI HORSE/Sony HHO19001 "V.A. / BLUE 88s : Unreleased Piano Blues Gems 1938-1942" [2017]


OKeh 6709 "ROOSEVELT SYKES (The Hone Dripper) / TRAINING CAMP BLUES"f:id:koichi65oba:20180311101149j:plain

HI HORSE HHO19001f:id:koichi65oba:20180311053027j:plain

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