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1962.??.??.-1963.??.??. EARL KING [Motown sessions]

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1962.-1963. Detroit, Michigan [Motown sessions]
Earl King (vocal/guitar) , reminder unknown

1963.08.18. Detroit
THREE KNOCKS ON MY DOOR [unreleased, CD;Motown 31453-0613-2]

1963.09.08. Detroit
A MAN AND A BOOK [unreleased, CD;Motown 31453-0613-2]
HUNGER PAINS [unreleased, CD;Motown 31453-0613-2]

1962.-1963. Detroit
Take Cover [unreleased]
Stubborn Ol' Me [unreleased]
Heebie Jeebies [unreleased]
When I Was In School [unreleased]
I'm Baby Sitting [unreleased]
Never Let Them Know
You Can Go
I'm Gonna Get You
Why Can't It Be You
I'm An Understanding Guy
You're Teasing Again
Just Talk To Me
I'm In Love

Motown 31453-0613-2 " V.A. / MOTOWN'S Blues Evolution" [1996.(USA)]


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Motown 31453-0613-2



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