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1946.08.07. Dr. Clayton (DOCTOR CLAYTON) [last session]

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Chicago, Illiois [his last session]
Peter Clayton (vocal), Blind John Davis (piano), Willie Lacey (guitar), Ransom Knowling (bass)

D6VB 1921  I NEED MY BABY [RCA Victor 20-1995, CD;PCD5774,OTCD05]
D6VB 1922  AIN'T GONNA DRINK NO MORE [RCA Victor 20-2153, CD;PCD5774,OTCD05]
D6VB 1923  ANGELS IN HARLEM [RCA Victor 20-2153, CD;PCD5774,OTCD05]
D6VB 1924  ROOT DOCTOR BLUES [RCA Victor 20-2323, CD;PCD5774,OTCD05]
D6VB 1925  COPPER COLORED MAMA [RCA Victor 20-2323, CD;PCD5774,OTCD05]
D6VB 1926  HOLD THAT TRAIN CONDUCTOR [RCA Victor 20-1995, CD;PCD5774,OTCD05]

PCD5774: P-VINE PCD-5774 "DOCTOR CLAYTON / Angel In Harlem"[1999.04.25.(Japan)]
OTCD05; OLD TRAMP OTCD-05 "DOCTOR CLAYTON AND HIS BUDDIES / 1946-1947 " [?(Netherland)]


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P-VINE PCD-5774f:id:koichi65oba:20180420162959j:plain

OLD TRAMP OTCD-05f:id:koichi65oba:20180428033638j:plain

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