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1953.06.01. HUEY SMITH [1st session]

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1953.06.01. New Orleans [his 1st session]
Huey Smith (vocal/piano) with Robert Caffery (tenor sax), Earl Johnson (Earl King) (guitar), Roland Cook (bass), Charles "Hungry" Williams (drums)

SHS-4376  YOU MADE ME CRY [Savoy 1113-A, LP;Nippon Phonogram 22RS-28(M)(J)]
SHS-4377  YOU'RE DOWN WITH ME [Savoy 1113-B, LP;Nippon Phonogram 22RS-28(M)(J)]


Nippon Phonogram 22RS-28(M) "V.A. / WAY DOWN YONDER IN N.O." [1982.09.25.(Japan)]f:id:koichi65oba:20180307051407j:plain

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