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1977.10.15.~1977.10.16. OTIS RUSH [Sonet sessions]

pinpoint discography OTIS RUSH 1977.10.15./16. Decibel Studio, Stockholm, Sweden [his Sonet sessions]Otis Rush (vocal/guitar) with Bob Levis (guitar), Bob Strokes (bass), Jesse Lewis Green (drums/vocal-1) YOU GOT ME TO RUNNIN' (BABY WHAT Y…

1977.??.??. EARL KING [Sonet session]

pinpoint discography EARL KING [Sonet session] 1977.??.??. Melairie, LouisianaEarl King (vocal/guitar) with Maurice Richard (piano), Clarence Ford (tenor sax/baritone sax), Dave Lastie (tenor sax), Bob French (bass), George French (drums)P…