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1955.09.14. LITTLE RICHARD [8th session (Specialty)]

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1955.09.14. J & M Studio, New Orleans [his 8th session (Specialty)]
Little Richard (vocal/piano) with Lee Allen (tenor sax), Alvin "Red" Tyler (baritone sax), Huey Smith (piano), Justin Adams (guitar), Frank Fields (bass), Earl Palmer (drums)

MAYBE I'M RIGHT [take 1; unreleased, CD;Ace Box1]
MAYBE I'M RIGHT [take 4 or 9;Specialty680, LP:2104(*), CD;Ace Box1]
DIRECTLY FROM MY HEART [take 1; unreleased, CD;Ace Box1]
DIRECTLY FROM MY HEART [take 4; Specialty686, LP:2104(*), CD;Ace Box1]
BABY [Specialty681, LP;100, CD;Ace Box1,Craft CD]
I'M JUST A LONELY GUY [take 1,2; unreleased, CD;Ace Box1]
I'M JUST A LONELY GUY [Specialty561, LP;2014(**), CD;Ace Box1]
[take 1 or 3; Specialty561, LP;100, CD;Ace Box1,Craft CD]
TUTTI-FRUTTI [take 2; unreleased, CD;Ace Box1,Craft CD]
(*); overdubbed in Los Angeles with vocal chorus , the Stewart Sisters (Trudy Hancock, Irene Diaz, Darlene Paul) , 1959.02.09. and (**); overdubbed on 1959.02.26.
  45rpm no. [matrix no.] (Specialty 561 also released 78rpm)
  Specialty 561 [XPS561]"TUTTI-FRUTTI" c/w [SP561]"I'M JUST A LONELY GUY" as LITTLE RICHARD And His Band
  Specialty 680 [5237]"MAYBE I'M RIGHT" c/w [5238]"WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN' GOIN' ON" recorded 1957.10.16.
  Speciarty 681 [5240]"BABY" c/w [5239]"I GOT IT" recorded 1956.05.09.
  Speciarty 686 [5250]"DIRECTLY FROM MY HEART" c/w [5249]"THE MOST I CAN OFFER" recorded 1956.02.09.

100; Specialty SP-100 "LITTLE RICHARD / HERE'S LITTLE RICHARD" [1957.(U.S.A.)]
2104; Specialty SP-2104 "LITTLE RICHARD / The Fabulous LITTLE RICHARD" [1959.(U.S.A.)]
Specialty SP-100 later re-released Specialty SP-2100


Ace Box1; Ace Records ABOXCD1 "LITTLE RICHARD / THE SPECIALTY SESSIONS" [1989.(West Germany)]
Craft CD; Craft/Concord 088807205738 "LITTLE RICHARD / HERE'S LITTLE RICHARD"[2017.]


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VIVID SOUND VS-2004 [1979.02.10.(Japan) as same Specialty SP-100 "LITTLE RICHARD / HERE'S LITTLE RICHARD"]f:id:koichi65oba:20180322130945j:plain

Ace Records ABOXCD1 "LITTLE RICHARD / THE SPECIALTY SESSIONS" f:id:koichi65oba:20180320152558j:plain

Craft/Concord 088807205738 "LITTLE RICHARD / HERE'S LITTLE RICHARD"f:id:koichi65oba:20180320160034j:plain

and CD;Craft/Concord 088807205738 "LITTLE RICHARD / HERE'S LITTLE RICHARD"

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