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1954.02.28. EARL KING [2nd session]

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EARL KING And His Band [his 2nd session]

1954.02.28. New Orleans
Earl King (vocal/guitar) with Lee Allen (tenor sax), Alvin "Red" Tylor (baritone sax), Huey Smith (piano), Gerald Adams (bass), Earl Palmer (drums)

A MOTHER'S LOVE [Specialty 495, LP;VS2010, CD;PCD2478]
I'M YOUR BEST BET, BABY [Specialty 495, LP;VS2010, CD;PCD2478]
WHAT CAN I DO [Specialty 497, LP;VS2010, CD;PCD2478]
HOW MUCH LONGER [Specialty 497, LP;VS2010, CD;PCD2478]
  Specialty 495 released as EARL KING And His Band
  Specialty 497 released as THE KINGS

VS2010; VIVID SOUND VS-2010 "EARL KING / EARL KING" [1981.06.05..(Japan)] 10inch

PCD2478; P-VINE PCD-2478 "EARL KING / THOSE Lonely, Lonely Night; 50's Special Collection" [1993.(Japan)]


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[LP(10inch)] VIVID SOUND VS-2010f:id:koichi65oba:20180407065907j:plain

[CD] P-VINE PCD-2478f:id:koichi65oba:20180407065930j:plain

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