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1976.09.11. EARL KING [Island Records]

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EARL KING [Island Records]

1976.09.11. Sea-Saint Recording Studio, New Orleans, Louisiana
Earl King (vocal/guitar) with Ed Volker (piano), Clark Vreeland (guitar), Becky Kury (bass), Frank Bua (drums)

MAMA & PAPA [LP; Island ICD9, CD; CECC00386]
TRICK BACK [LP; Island ICD9, CD; CECC00386]

Island ICD9; Island ICD 9 "V.A. / New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 1976" [1976.(UK)]
CECC00386; JIMCO/CENTURY RECORDS(Rhino) CECC-00386 "V.A. / New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival 1976" [1992.01.21.(Japan)]


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[LP] Island ICD 9 f:id:koichi65oba:20180424133906j:plain

[CD] JIMCO/CENTURY RECORDS(Rhino) CECC-00386f:id:koichi65oba:20180424134156j:plain

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