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1961.12.13. EARL KING [14th session]

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EARL KING [his 14th sesion]

1961.12.13. New Orleans, Louisiana
Earl King (vocal/guitar) with Dave Bartholomew, Wardell Quezerque (trumpets), Walter "Frog" Joseph (trombone), Morris Bechamin (tenor sax), Carl Bluin (baritone sax), James Booker (piano), George French (bass), Robert French (drums)

IM 3277  TRICK BAG [Imperial 5811 CD;OKR-CD-4970]
IM 3278  ALWAYS A FIRST TIME [Imperial 5811, CD;OKR-CD-4970]
IM 3279  Something Funny [unreleased, CD;OKR-CD-4970]
IM 3280  WE ARE JUST FRIENDS [Imperial 5858, CD;OKR-CD-4970]

OKR-CD-4970; Okra-Tone / EMI Music OKR-CD-4970 "EARL KING / COME ON : The Complete Imperial Recordings" [2003.(USA)]


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Okra-Tone / EMI Music OKR-CD-4970f:id:koichi65oba:20180411051806j:plain

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