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1970.??.??. EARL KING [KANSU session]

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1970.??.??. New Orleans, Louisiana
Earl King (vocal/guitar) with Leo Nocenteli (guitar), George Porter (bass), Joe "Zigaboo" Modeliste (drums), Allen Tousaint (tamboulin)
Arr. by A. Toussaint  Pro. by M. Sehorn

KR-101-A  STREET PALADE PT.1 [45rpa;KANSU KR-101, LP; CRM2021, CD; Fuel2000,VSCD5291]
KR-101-B  STREET PALADE PT.2 [45rpa;KANSU KR-101, LP; CRM2021, CD; Fuel2000,VSCD5291]

CRM2021; Charly CRM 2021 "Earl King / Street Padade" [1981.(UK)]
FUEL2000 ; Fuel 2000 Records 302061298 2 "Earl King / Street Padade" [2003.(USA)]
VSCD5291; VIVID SOUD VSCD-5291 "Earl King / Street Parade" [2005.(Japan)]*
  *: AIM 1207 CD [2005.(Australia)] with Japanese linernotes and Obi 


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[CD] Fuel 2000 Records 302061298 2


[CD] VIVID SOUD VSCD-5291 (AIM1207CD)f:id:koichi65oba:20180503153622j:plain


"The Blues Discography 1971-2000" [2011] and LP's & CD's Linernotes

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