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1930.08.20. BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON [5th session (last session)]

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 Atlanta, Georgia [his 5th session (last session)]
Blind Willie Johnson (vocal/guitar) accompanied by Willie B. Richardson (vocal-1)

W194926-2  CAN'T NOBODY HIDE FROM GOD (-1)[Columbia 14556-D, CD: SRCS6705]
W194927-1  IF IT HAD NOT BEEN FOR JESUS (-1)[Columbia 14556-D, CD: SRCS6705]
W194928-2  GO WITH ME TO THAT LAND (-1)[Columbia 14597-D, CD: SRCS6705]
W194929-2  THE RAIN DON'T FALL OF ME (-1)[Columbia 14537-D, CD: SRCS6705]
W194930-2  TROUBLE WILL SOON BE OVER (-1)[Columbia 14537-D, CD: SRCS6705]
W194931-2  THE SOUL OF A MAN [Columbia 14582-D, CD: SRCS6705]
W194897-2  EVERYBODY OUGHT TO TREAT A STRANGER RIGHT (-1)[Columbia 14597-D, CD: SRCS6705]
W194890-3  CHURCH, I'M FULLY SAVED TO-DAY (-1)[Columbia 14582-D, CD: SRCS6705]
W150315-2  JOHN THE REVELATOR (-1)[Columbia 14530-D, CD: SRCS6705]
W150316-2  YOU'RE GONNA NEED SOMEBODY ON YOUR BAND (-1)[Columbia 14530-D, CD: SRCS6705]

SRCS6705: Sony Records SRCS 6705~6 "BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON / THE COMPLETE BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON"[1993.07.01.(Japan)]  (same LEGACY/Columbia C2K 52835 [1993.04.27.(USA)]


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Sony Records SRCS 6705~6


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