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1930.09.09. LEROY CARR

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 Chicago, Illionis
Leroy Carr (vocal/piano), accompanied by Scrapper Blackwell (guitar-1)

C-6084-    LET'S MAKE UP AND BE FRIENDS AGAIN [Vocalion1624, CD;DOCD5136]
C-6085-    LET'S DISAGREE [Vocalion1624, CD;DOCD5136]
C-6086-B  SLOPPY DRUNK BLUES (-1)[Vocalion1541, CD;DOCD5136]
C-6087-B  HARD TIMES DONE DROVE ME TO DRINK (-1)[Vocalion1541, CD;DOCD5136]
C-6088-    LONG ROAD BLUES (-1)[Vocalion1574, CD;DOCD5136]
C-6089-    JAIL CELL BLUES (-1)[Vocalion1574, CD;DOCD5136]
C-6090-A  FOUR DAY RIDER (-1)[Vocalion1549, CD;DOCD5136]
C-6091-B  ALABAMA WOMEN BLUES (-1)[Vocalion1549, CD;DOCD5136]
C-6092-    PAPA'S ON THE HOUSE TOP (-1)[Vocalion1593, CD;DOCD5136]
C-6093-    CARRIED WATER FOR THE ELEPHANT (-1)[Vocalion1593, CD;DOCD5136]

DOCD5136; Document DOCD-5136 " LEROY CARR / Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order VOLUME 3 (9 September 1930 to 15 March 1932)"


Document DOCD-5136f:id:koichi65oba:20180425192351j:plain

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