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1664.??.??. EARL KING [AMY session]

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EARL KING [AMY sesion]

1964.??.??. New Orleans, Illinois [AMY session]
Earl King (vocal/guitar) with Henry Hawkins (trumpet), Curtis Mitchell, Eddie Williams (tenor sax), Carl Bluin (baritone sax), George French (bass), Smokey Johnson (drums)

6560  YOU'LL REMEMBER ME [AMY 942, CD;SC11094]
6561  SHE'S MY DRIVING WHEEL [AMY 942, CD;SC11094]

SC11094; Sundazed SC 11094 " V.A./ GET LOW DOWN ! : THE SOUL OF NEW ORLEANS '65-'67" [2001.(USA)]


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Sundazed SC 11094f:id:koichi65oba:20180410113746j:plain

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