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1937.08.04. HEAVENLY GOSPEL SINGERS [5th session]

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 Charlotte, North Carolina
Roosevelt Fenoy (lead vocal), Fred Whitmore (tenor vocal), Henderson Massey (baritone vocal), Jimmy Bryant (bass vocal)

011958-1  I'M IN HIS CARE [Bluebird B7212, CD:DOCD5453]
011959-1  LORD'S PRAYER [Bluebird B7133, CD:DOCD5453]
011960-1  GOIN' TO SHAKE MY HAND [Bluebird B7177, CD:DOCD5453]
011961-1  THIS OLD WORLD IS IN BAD CONDITION [Bluebird B7301, CD:DOCD5453]
011962-1  I JUST GOT OVER [Bluebird B7254, CD:DOCD5453]
011963-1  FIRE DOWN YONDER [Bluebird B7212, CD:DOCD5453]
011964-1  DON'T YOU WANT THAT STONE ? [Bluebird B7301, CD:DOCD5453]
011965-1  INCHING ALONG [Bluebird B7133, CD:DOCD5453]
011966-1  ROCK MY SOUL [Bluebird B7177, CD:DOCD5453]
011967-1  I OPEN MY MOUTH [Bluebird B7254, CD:DOCD5453]


DOCD5453: Document Records DOCD-5453 "HEAVENLY GOSPEL SINGERS / Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order VOLUME 2 : 22 June 1936 to 4 August 1937"


Document Records DOCD-5453f:id:koichi65oba:20180623083755j:plain

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